Our advantages

Savings, Additional Benefits, Security!

Cost saving

  • Competitive pricing policy
  • No additional service fee of any kind.

Time saving

  • Accounting staff is not required to match payments to customer, warehouse, product, cashier accounts
  • Integration with ERP for direct book records.
  • Easy technical integration with API.


  • No direct access to bank accounts is required.
  • Payments are guaranteed.
  • No need for the consumer to send proof of deposit.
  • No credit / debit card details are required
  • The transaction takes place automatically at the exact amount of the invoice


  • Payment provided in all Banks in Greece (Alpha Bank, Eurobank, Attica Bank, National Bank of Greece, Pancreta Bank, Epirus Bank).
  • Consumers can also pay in offline channels through the PayLink network (1200 points throughout Greece) on extended working hours and during weekends.
  • 5 payment channels in total
    1. e-banking
    2. mobile banking
    3. phone banking
    4. Banks network
    5. PayLink network

Cost Saving

Use the calculator below to discover
the benefits of PayByBank to your business

* Based on average cost of alternative payment options

Join the group of our partners

"We really got our hands on it, as we no longer need to check 4-5 web-banking to confirm payments before we forward the order."

Thanasis Likoudis
CEO – Founder | Publees

"With the implementation of the automated bank transfer, PayByBank, in our franchise network payments management, we have faster transactions, ensuring the smooth and direct ordering process through the B2B platform. Franchisees themselves are more efficient at handling their accounts. We recommend PayByBank for all corporate transactions."

Georgios Kyrtidis
IT Manager| Coffee Berry

"Especially for our corporate clients, PayByBank has solved the bureaucracy and hassle of an outdated payment method. The customer is now making his payment and everything is done automatically."

Giannis Karampelas