PayByBank is the innovative payment method that replaces bank deposit. Based on strong codification and sophisticated processing algorithm, it is an added value that automates the payment process through bank deposit.

What are we doing?

PayByBank payment method is a valuable partner for every merchant.

Our mission is to evolve payments so as to identify innovative solutions for every merchant.

PayByBank payment method comes to address challenges  like order-payment reconciliation, updated customer record and automated order shipment that consume a lot of time for every type of business

How do we work?

PayByBank payment method enables real-time automated and secure transactions. Due to the codification, every payment is recognized real-time so as to inform the merchant who can ship the order without delay.

PayByBank is a service provided by WorldBridge S.A. (PayLink), Business Registry No 001056101000 a Payment Institution operating in Greece since 1991. WorldBridge’s mission is to provide innovative and integrated financial services to individuals and businesses.

As a Payment Institution, WorldBridge operates under the supervision of the Bank of Greece.