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The present Terms of Use are governed by Greek Law; the Courts of Athens have the exclusive competence for the interpretation of the Terms of Use as well as for any dispute resolution.

In case a term is found void it shall no longer be valid without affecting the validity of the remaining terms.

PayLink, a payment institution licensed by the Bank of Greece, is subject to and complies with the legislation for AML/CFT and wishes to cooperate with healthy businesses, established and operating in compliance with the law and in accordance with the legislation of the state where they have been incorporated, operate and offer their services.

Therefore, in order for a business to become a Paylink’s customer and register with the IT System, it needs to provide Paylink the below documents. These documents will be assessed by the competent department of Paylink and when found in order, the Merchant will be able to register with the IT System and provide the Service to its customers.

Paylink reserves the right apart from the below-mentioned documents to ask for additional documentation if the information provided by the documents sent is not enough to fully identify the Merchant. In addition, Paylink seeks further information about the Merchant from other public sources (such as www.et.gr, www.acci.gr etc).

From time to time PayLink may require an update of these documents by the Merchant; In addition, Merchant itself undertakes without delay to inform Paylink about any change with respect to the information it has provided to PayLink.

Documents to be sent to the address: WorldBridge-Payment Institution S.A. (PayLink) 11, Menekratous street, Athens p.c. 11636 Att.: Business Assessment Department.


PayLink DOES NOT cooperate with businesses that belong to the below classes of trade either as main activity or as secondary.

In case PayLink discovers that Merchant does offer these activities it shall immediately terminate the cooperation with Merchant without prior notification.

  • Any illegal service or activity or sale of products, distribution or their transfer or offer of service that cannot be rendered via the internet (eg. transfer of immovable property, medical services).
  • Human trafficking and selling human organs, parts of the body stem cells and embryos.
  • Narcotics and any kind of pharmaceutical substances as these are defined by the relevant legislation L. 4139/2013.
  • Medicines and other products that require medical recipe and other not approved pharmaceuticals.
  • Guns, hunting weapons, air guns, ammunition, explosive material and mechanisms, cartridges for hunting weapons, artillery, spare parts of those, αυτών των υλικών, silencer as defined by the legislation for weaponry L. 2168/1993 as in force.
  • Pornographic material, massage and escort services, brothels.
  • Sale of precious stones, pawn shops, money-changer and similar activities.
  • Lucky games, betting and any other similar activity that is offered by the Merchant without a license.
  • Any product or service that has been acquired or is offered without the required license.