Automated PayByBank payment codification facilitates your day to day business so as to send your orders quickly and securely.

Save Money and Time



up to 30 transactions per month



31-200 transactions per month



201 and more transactions per month

* Νο monthly fee
* The service is not subject to VAT

The only prerequisite for PayByBank is a bank account to which your customers' payments will be credited, regardless of the bank or the physical location chosen to pay an issued invoice.
The use of PayByBank payment code guarantees that:
Correct Payee
Payment of the exact amount of the invoice
Automatic offset of claim and collection
Clearing in one day
Zero bank supply

Scale your business​

PayByBank payment method works along with some of the retail world’s top businesses to create a great customer experience.

We handle thousands of transactions per month and offer flexible solutions to help you run your business efficiently.
We make it easier for both your customers and you to connect each other more effectively.

The 3 steps needed to complete payment are the following:



On invoice issuing, a unique payment code is created automatically from the PayByBank system.


Payment invoice

The customer can use e-banking or any of the 5 available payment methods (phone banking, mobile banking, banking & other physical stores) to pay the invoice. PayByBank payment code can be even used to pay the invoice in cash


Automatic update

Once the payment is completed, your ERP or accounting software will be automatically updated and it will therefore immediately update customer's tab, warehouse and BackOffice

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Discover PayByBank payment method automation benefits at invoice payments and ask your ERP developer to connect with us. It's very simple!

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