Do you own a small business? Elevate its potential with PayByBank

The importance of small and medium-sized businesses for commerce, and the Greek economy as a whole, is undeniable. However, they also face numerous daily challenges. If you are a small business owner, you certainly know all of the above first-hand, especially if you are active in the e-commerce sector.

So, how can you effortlessly boost your online store and, by extension, your entire business? The solution lies in PayByBank! Let’s see how.

Cost & Time Savings

For small businesses such as yours, operating on a limited budget, we know that every euro counts. With PayByBank automated bank deposit, you can reduce your costs, as:

  •  you ensure a competitive pricing policy
  • there is no additional monthly or annual service fee

At the same time, you’ll save valuable time because:

  • integration with plug-ins for popular e-commerce platforms is quick and straightforward
  • automatic payment matching to customers, warehouses, products, and cash accounts eliminates the need for manual checks by the accounting department
  • transaction completion updates automatically

With more time and fewer expenses at your disposal, you can focus on and invest in activities that will further grow your business!

Boosting existing customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is, without a doubt, the key to success for your online store. So, how can you elevate it? By making the buying process as simple, short and easy as possible. Many times, customers abandon their shopping carts due to the complexity of the checkout process, despite having items in their cart. With PayByBank, checkout is simplified, allowing customers to complete transactions directly from their bank account without the need to input card details or fill out forms, thereby saving time and effort. This increased convenience significantly boosts the likelihood of completing purchases and encourages repeat transactions!

Attracting New Customers

Even if your online store offers multiple payment methods, there remains a segment of potential customers left unserved. For example, some individuals hesitate to provide their card details, while others don’t have cards, online banking, or bank account. Additionally, some prefer cash payment without incurring extra charges associated with cash on delivery (COD). PayByBank serves all these needs! As a result, you have the chance to expand your customer base and gain a significant advantage over your competitors.

Payment flexibility

Flexibility is essential for any small business that wants to adapt and grow in a fast-paced market. PayByBank offers:

  • payment provided in all Banks in Greece*
  • offline cash payment through the PayLink – Western Union network in 1400 points of service 
  • 5 payment channels in total (e-banking, mobile banking, phone banking, bank network, PayLink – Western Union points of service)

*you don’t need to partner with every bank

So, if you are looking for a partner to help you boost your small business growth, come grow with us!