How PayByBank benefits large E-commerce businesses

If your business is involved in retail and e-commerce, you are well aware that businesses like yours are one of the key cogs in the economy and set market trends. However, in order to maintain a high-performing online store, adapting your strategy to meet market demands is crucial.

One important adaptation is integrating multiple payment methods, such as PayByBank’s automated bank payments, into your online store. Here’s why this is beneficial!

Cost reduction

Reducing costs is a common goal for businesses of all sizes. PayByBank’s competitive pricing model helps lower your overhead by eliminating additional monthly or annual fees. This allows you to reallocate resources to other activities that support the growth of your e-commerce platform.

Time management

In large businesses with high transaction volumes, every minute is valuable. Instead of having your accounting staff spend time matching payments, let PayByBank handle it automatically. Using the ERP interface, accounting entries are recorded instantly, and orders are routed directly to the appropriate department.

Customer experience improvement

In the competitive e-commerce landscape, customer satisfaction should be your top priority. How can you enhance their experience?

  • Simplify the shopping process: Have you noticed that some customers add items to their carts but abandon them before completing the purchase? This is often due to a complex and time-consuming checkout process. PayByBank simplifies the checkout process by allowing customers to complete transactions quickly without entering card details or sending proof of payment. Your online store is automatically notified once the order is completed, reducing shopping cart dropout and improving the overall shopping experience.
  • Offer multiple payment methods: Your customers have diverse preferences and needs. With PayByBank, they can choose from various payment methods, including e-banking, mobile banking, phone banking, and services from all banks in Greece. Additionally, even those without a bank account, online banking, or a card can make purchases and pay either online or with cash at PayLink – Western Union points of service.