Securing online transactions during Christmas shopping

Christmas; the single most important period for eCommerce is almost here! In a blink of an eye, it appears like online stores all across the globe are suddenly flooded with Christmas-themed products and seasonal sales!

Caught in the Christmas shopping frenzy, the last thing one would want is to be involved in a cyberattack. For that reason, it is essential not to be blinded by the seemingly irresistible Christmas offers you might stumble upon, and safeguard every online transaction instead.

Wondering about the key points you should focus on, so as to secure online transactions during this holiday season? Go on and read PayByBank’s recommendations!

Protect your personal information

In this digital age, safeguarding your personal information ranks among the most critical cybersecurity prerequisites that you should never, ever neglect.

You should therefore refrain from completing any type of online form requesting your sensitive personal information, especially when it comes to online forms coming from unknown senders or suspicious websites.

Choose your passwords wisely

Nobody can really guarantee that the online stores in which you retain a customer account will stay safe against cyberattacks and data breaches. What can one do in order to remain protected?

Using different passwords on different e-shops will work as an extra layer of protection against hacking attempts that will put your personal information at stake and leave your online banking accounts vulnerable.

Go over every newsletter thoroughly

Most e-shops out there will promote their Christmas offers through their newsletters. Traditionally, the number of newsletters that online shoppers will receive during the holidays is way higher than the yearly average.

Somewhere in between the abundance of emails you will receive, there most probably be some spam emails, courtesy of online hackers. It is recommended to thoroughly examine every sender’s information, and, more importantly, to refrain from opening links contained in emails sent by unknown addresses.

Do not make purchases from random e-shops

Hacking attempts that target your personal information will not stop at newsletters. On the contrary, there are many online stores out there failing to fully comply with online safety standards. As a result, purchasing from those is considered to be quite precarious for your personal information.

Some important focus points that will guarantee an online store’s reliability are checking for a lock symbol or https encryption (instead of a mere http) on the URL, as well as finding each e-shop’s communication info on display. In case the aforementioned conditions are not met, you should probably think twice before going through with a purchase.

Refrain from revealing your card information

Giving away your credit or debit card information in online transactions must be given some serious thought first. Extensive research is required, in order to classify an online store as trustworthy and cybersecurity risk-free.

If you are still hesitant, all you have to do is search for PayByBank in an e-shop’s payment options. PayByBank offers an additional protective layer in online transactions, without even requiring you to provide your card information online! Essentially, the only thing you are going to need is access to your bank account, via web or mobile! Simple as that!

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