Black Friday: Prepare your online store early in advance

If one day of the year is more important for eCommerce than all other days, then that day is definitely Black Friday. That day is characterized by a sudden exorbitant demand, thus requiring meticulous scheduling and early planning on the part of online store owners and administrators.

The key to a successful Black Friday in all kinds of online stores is none other than timely preparation, a strategy that can ensure maximum efficiency and profitability for any e-shop. So, let’s see how you too can implement this strategy and make the most of Black Friday this year!

Timely strategic stock management

A key feature of Black Friday is the massive increase of demand, in what feels like a heartbeat. This means that systematic inventory management is required in order to maximize the profitability of your online store.

Put all available data from previous years in good use, so that you are able to make accurate Black Friday demand predictions. This forecast will help you work effectively with your suppliers, ensuring you have the right amount of merchandise, and reducing the chances of any snags or errors.

The power of marketing

One of the key points of any successful Black Friday campaign lies in audience communication. Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to implement a holistic marketing campaign, as it offers the chance of expanding one’s customer base while cultivating brand awareness across new audiences.

Leverage marketing strategies by enticing your e-shop’s audience with some of the upcoming offers, so as to create a sense of anticipation and excitement. You can also profit from remarketing, by implementing campaigns that target audiences that have previously shown interest in your e-shop’s products.

The role of mobile devices

Research has shown that over 50% of e-commerce purchases in 2022 were made on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). That’s the reason why ensuring your online store’s responsiveness on mobile is non-negotiable, while preparing for Black Friday.

Make sure that all elements in your e-shop are functional, but also easily distinguishable even on the smallest screen there is. For example, when users want to add an item to their cart or proceed to check-out, you should make the process as simple and quick as it can be, if you want to avoid shopping cart dropouts. The more user-friendly an online store is, the higher the final sales rate will turn out – not only during Black Friday, but every day!

Benefiting from PayByBank

On days like Black Friday, it is very likely that online card payment systems overload, resulting in consumers not being able to go through with their orders. PayByBank offers customers and e-shop professionals significant benefits. These include five payment channels in total, both online and offline, which ensure that all purchases will be completed, while helping shoppers that do not possess a credit or debit card or are hesitant towards providing their card information in online sales.

Furthermore, PayByBank enables e-shops to automate a number of internal functions, such as ERP bridges and non-manual payment matching. Saving time is a highly important factor during Black Friday, as it allows you to process a higher volume of orders while reducing the factor of human error.

The importance of customer support and after-sales service

Black Friday’s success goes way beyond the point of purchase. Implementing a robust pre and post-purchase experience is paramount. You can tailor order confirmations and shipping notifications to provide a more personalized touch. You can also focus on customer experience, by making sure that your customer care channels are functioning splendidly.

By showcasing your commitment to customer service, you will foster a trusting relationship between your business and consumers, thus creating a loyal audience that may remember and prefer your online store in their future purchases.

The countdown to Black Friday has begun! Don’t overestimate the time you have available, as the earlier you start preparing, the more efficient and profitable your online store will be. Happy Black Friday!