Black Friday and eCommerce: Tips for long-term success

At very long last, Black Friday is almost here! Contrary to the quite popular misconception that it is the single best chance to score some one-off sales, in reality, Black Friday means much more than that.

And while our latest blog entries mostly focused on the immense importance of timely preparation, as well as the significance of must-avoid practices, little has been said on Black Friday’s potential long-term benefits for e-shops.

A time-bound, strategic structure of the changes needed to get your e-shop Black Friday-ready can actually lead to incredible long-term benefits.

How can that be achieved? Well, keep scrolling down!

Post Black Friday e-shop optimization

While Black Friday is coming right up, it is no coincidence that e-shop owners and administrators are in a rush to complete last-minute optimization tasks, so as to be done with potential technical issues and make their online stores as functional and profitable as possible.

In the midst of Black Friday early preparations, coming through with a more structured approach on e-shop preparations has the potential to accurately identify and tackle each online store’s weak points, thus permanently maintaining its functionality and overall performance.

Experimenting with new strategies

Black Friday is your best shot to escape the ordinary and experiment with different products, adjusted prices, new offers and bundles, as well as fresh strategic marketing ideas.

Some of the above may resonate with a part of the gigantic Black Friday audience, while some may not work at all. In any case, it is essential to try different things, and to detect not only the strategies that will work out well, but also the ones that do not stand a chance, for future reference.

Identification of a brand new clientele

The percentage of online shoppers not falling for Black Friday’s shopping spree frenzy. Instead of careless shopping, they choose to avoid overspending, by setting a maximum shopping budget beforehand.

The same shοppers tend to do exhaustive shopping research prior to going through with a purchase. That research might as well lead them to your online store, and it is completely up to you to earn their trust and retain them as part of a newfound loyal customer base.

Using the statistics in your favor

By expanding your e-shop’s reach across audiences of diverse demographic characteristics, you will be able to collect valuable information about the type of consumers that are interested in your products the most.

By analyzing your e-shop’s Black Friday sales’ data, you will be able to readjust your strategy in the future, thus ensuring the greatest success possible.

Preparing for the next big sales surge

Black Friday might be the single most productive day of the year for eCommerce, in terms of sales. Do not forget, however, that it is not the only -physical or digital- sales surge of the year.

With Christmas just around the corner, let’s acknowledge that holiday shopping also typically signifies an incredible increase of online sales revenue, compared to the rest of the year – this once, distributed across a quite larger time span. By evaluating your Black Friday strategy and focusing on the details, you will be able to respond to the next sales surge in a much more effective manner.