Christmas shopping; How to win over this year’s online shoppers

The fall season flew by, handing over the reins to winter. And while eCommerce sales have so far been flowing around relatively low levels, be aware that this is about to change fairly soon.

The festive season is traditionally known for an outstanding online revenue surge, similarly with the sales season. Subsequently, just like Black Friday, early online store preparations are required in order to achieve the maximization of sales, as well as the desired levels of customer satisfaction.

Wondering what you can do to get your e-shop ready for the upcoming Christmas shopping season? Well, proceed to read our recommendations!

Make use of the available insights

Past-year Christmas sales statistics, as well as Black Friday sales data, might turn out to be extremely useful during the designing process of your Christmas season strategy.

By identifying the usual sales’ volume and customer profiling, you will be able to specify your inventory in a more efficient manner, and, subsequently, to promote your products and offers towards an audience that both the former and latter will resonate with.

Dress your online store in a Christmassy style

Both online store appearance and user experience are considered to be equally crucial in the minds of online shoppers – that does not only apply for the Christmas season, but also for all throughout the year.

Besides the fact that festive aesthetics basically imply that your online store offers Christmas-related products or seasonal offers, simultaneously, visitors will also feel more encouraged to purchase from your e-shop.

Plan in advance which products you will promote

Are you planning on launching a new product? Are you more willing to promote a product that has not been as successful as others? Or is it more convenient for you to relieve your online store’s inventory of products that are parts of past collections?

As we mentioned earlier, the festive season goes hand in hand with a massive sales surge. For that reason, it is the best circumstance to set more beneficial, product-centric sales targets, through relevant offers, sales, complimentary gifts, or product bundles.

Focus on your sitemap

‘Tis the season for giving! Gifts for him, for her, kids’ favorites, as well as Christmas sales and limited-time offers will inevitably appear all over online stores. Without a proper categorization, finding the right product might turn out tricky.

Every online store, more prominently the ones that offer a significantly extensive variety of products, must have a category structure that makes navigation as easy as it can be, thus leading to online stores that are both responsive and profitable

Motivate your visitors to go through with a purchase

Motivating your visitors enough for them to go through with a purchase should be an integral part of every online store’s overall strategy. You should therefore adapt your written and visual content accordingly, so that it actively drives more sales.

Some other recommended methods that will create value for your online store in consumers’ minds are first order discounts or post-purchase coupons, on the occasion of Christmas.

Do not dismiss staying transparent

When it comes to eCommerce platforms in the prism of consumer trust, you should know that online store profitability is always at stake. That is why policy transparency is an extremely critical factor that may affect sales’ levels.

During the Christmas season, there are a lot of bank holidays, while the sales’ surge might also slow down product delivery in several cases. For that reason, notifying your audience early in advance regarding potential delays is encouraged, so as to avoid negative reviews that will damage your online store’s reputation.

Communicate your offers

Just like any type of offer, regardless of the season, Christmas offers must be thoroughly communicated towards the audience, as an efficient way to maximize your prospect sales.

In this context, you should ensure to make great use of every communication funnel (such as your website, social media, and newsletters), so as to make your Christmas offers known across a wide audience. Happy holidays!